Home Loan

Whether you are buying your first home, second home, investment property or looking to refinance, we offer various fixed, variable and principal & interest, and interest only home loans from our panel of lenders, including major banks, to match your need and situation. Home loans with the lowest interest rate are not always the "most suitable" loan. You also have to think about the features you need. Please speak to us to find out the product with right combination or interest rate and features that will best suit your circumstances.

First home

For first home buyers, we offer home loans with highly competitive interest rates and features. A home loan with lowest interest rate is not always necessarily the most suitable loan; please speak to us to find the "most suitable" loan for you.

Second home

If you currently have a home loan, you probably understand how difficult it is to find the "most suitable" loan as every lender claims to be offering the best product. Moreover, there is an additional challenge involved if you are planning to sell your current home to fund your next as you need to organize a finance to cover the time gap between selling your current home and purchasing a new home. Please speak to use to find the "most suitable" loan for you.

Investment Property

It gets highly complex if you are planning to buy an investment property or change your current home into an investment property and use available equity to fund the purchase of your next home. We have access to hundreds of loans that can help you achieve this. Please speak to us to find the "most suitable" loan for you.


If you have had your current home loan for a number of years, it is a good idea to review your home loan. There may be home loans with better interest rate and features available in the market. Please speak to us to find out if refinancing is better option for you and the "most suitable" loan.